09 April 2008

Links: Twitter Special

Old stuff (more than one week old), but I still like it...

I couldn't agree more with Maren Hogan's comment. It ain't making much sense, it's just totes fun. And she also mentions in her post how much she loves Twitter.
Adobe Air is available for Linux? Do I think that is cool?? Yes. Do I understand WHY that is cool? Not really.
(Fun Tech Edition, Big O Recruiting)

Feature Creep
Tips to make sure that all the tools and systems we use continue to be useful instead of just stealing our time, including Twitter.
Cell phones, email, IM, iPhones, Crackberry’s, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace… suddenly we’ve got a bunch of digital accounts that are stealing our focus.
(Life Coding: 9 Ways To Fight Feature Creep In Our Lives, Zen Habits)

Twitter Cartoon
Just brilliant!
(Twitter Abstinence Syndrome, Geek And Poke)

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