07 April 2008

Casual Day 3: After The First Casual Day

I'm publishing all 10 messages introducing the "Casual Day Program" I started just before leaving my now former employer.

For the previous Casual Day posts please click here and start reading from the bottom.

Week 2, Monday
Lets not beat around the bush. Last Friday's Casual Day was a fiasco (apparently "CDF - Casual Day Fiasco" has already become an official company acronym... that's how bad it was!).

We are currently creating a reeducation program and will send you an invitation shortly.
Reactions from colleagues
  • I was a bit surprised when I realized that many colleagues couldn't decide whether the Casual Day messages were a joke or not
  • Since there was no dress code and everybody was always dressed very casually anyway, somebody complained that my emails were a rude and sneaky way to tell people to dress up from Monday to Thursday.

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