01 October 2008

Contest: Ugliest Tie

It's not an HR Challenge. It's just a fun little contest... for the ugliest tie.

Send me a picture of your
ugliest tie. There's a few rules, and a very tough jury, but you might win a book!

Ze Rules
Send me a picture of your ugliest tie.
Condition: you must have been wearing this tie at least once in a professional setting. Srsly!

I need to see it!
Post it anywhere you like on the Interwebs. But make sure I know about it. I'll then add it to my Picasa account for everybody to see.

The jury
Ties are mostly part of a man's, man's world. This is why I asked 5 wonderful ladies to perform some jury duty:
The book
The winner will get a book. If you win, I'll ask you to send me a link to your Amazon wishlist and you'll get a book sent to you by snail mail.

Here's my ugliest tie. I've got way uglier ties, but this is the blarghiest one I've ever been wearing at work.

Now it's up to you. Do your worst!