03 April 2008

Casual Day 2: Week 1, Thursday

I'm publishing all 10 messages introducing the "Casual Day Program" I started just before leaving my former employer.

You can read the first message here.

Week 1, Thursday
Due to the huge number of questions we received, we felt that some additional information might be helpful:
  • Please do NOT wear your pajamas to work
  • All kinds of funny costumes (including, but not limited to Hulk, Bugs Bunny and Ronald McDonald's costumes) are NOT considered "casual dresses"
  • HR will NOT write a policy that makes it mandatory for female colleagues to wear miniskirts and black boots on Fridays (and please stop asking this question. It was funny the first 15 times somebody asked.)
Some of you also took the opportunity to express their concerns about the - in their opinion - excessive casualty from Monday to Thursday. We will continue to focus on the Casual Day for the time being, but might extend the project to the Un-Casual Days.

In the meantime, feel free to ask your colleagues the following question:
"If the CEO of [most important client] was visiting our offices, would you want him to see you dressed like this?"

Hope this helps.

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