05 April 2008

Links: Everything Sucks

Links to articles that didn't suck, and one personal thing that's great.

Why HR Sucks
I've read this post at least 5 times already and I'm still thinking about it. It was also recommended by Wally Bock in his Midweek Look At The Business Blogs.
HR works for the execs and BOD. If they say don't spend your time on this, spend your time on that and we can't convince them otherwise why is it "HR's fault" for sucking?
(Great, Another 33 Page Report On How We Suck, HR Wench)

Why Presentations Suck
Rowan Manahan from Fortify Your Oasis started a new series about presentations. Here's the first sentence of the article and it's just the beginning:
I have been observing, delivering and training people in presentation techniques for over 20 years now and my considered, professional, opinion on the subject is this:
Presentation Masterclass - Part 1: Introduction, Rowan Manahan on lifehack.org)

Why Work Sucks
I already mentioned that I won one of ten advanced copies of the book "Why Work Sucks" and it was in the mail yesterday. I know, I should stop bragging, but it's just too cool. I'm only halfway through the book but believe me, it's great and challenging stuff!

I'm not supposed to quote from the "advance uncorrected proofs", but somewhere Cali & Jody promise that under a certain condition...
[..] we'll eat our book.


Anonymous said...

Happy - I've been thinking about the differences in how HR is viewed by senior management depending upon whether the HR team is led by a man or a woman. Thoughts?

Happy Employee said...

Wenchie, interesting question. I hope this is research for an upcoming post?

I can't speak for sr mgmt. But when I compare my HR bosses in the past, I would say that the men were more focused on numbers and processes and the women's approach was based much more on personalities and social interactions.

Unknown said...

Why yes, under that 'certain condition', we will eat our book. We may add ketchup and mustard if it comes down to it. But we would bet that the 'certain condition' won't be met - although it will be up to readers to decide if they can meet the 'condition'.

Keep reading, Happy - and keep letting us know what you think. And ROWE on!

Cali and Jody

Aditya said...

i think this man woman theory has some substance. worth exploring.