02 April 2008

Links: Fun With April Fool's Day

Yesterday was April Fool's Day 2008 and here are links to my favorite pranks:

Human Capital Devalued Against The Euro
A background in economics helps understand this article, but I believe that everybody investing in or working with Human Capital should read it anyway.

What Is It Really Like To Be In HR?
For all those who sometimes forget what a privilege it is to work in HR. Stop whining and be grateful already ;-)
(Evil HR Lady)

The Grand Illusion: The Real Tim Ferriss Speaks
Tim Ferriss writes about lifestyle design and is known for his unorthodox experiments. I read his book twice and follow his blog closely.
...and I completely fell for his prank!
(Tim Ferriss)

Google is also known for their great sense of humor, but I must say that the "Pigeon Rank" and "Gmail Paper" from previous years are still my favorites:

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