31 March 2008

No Asshole Rule: I'm So Proud!

In December 2007 I wrote about Bob Sutton's book The No Asshole Rule. The other day I realized that his blog features a link to my review under "Reviews and Comments: The No Asshole Rule".

I don't care if the prof added the link himself or if it was done automatically by some gadget. It's just cool!

You can read my book review here and check out the results of my "ARSE Challenge" here.

I also just did the ARSE Test again (score: 4, "You don’t sound like a certified asshole, unless you are fooling yourself."). I think that - more important than the score itself - it's just good to do the test from time to time and to pay attention to your replies.


Anonymous said...

I'm proud of you too! Congratulations. And, to further swell your head, your review is what prompted me to buy and read the book, which I liked. All the way in California, your voice is gettin' stuff done. Pretty cool, eh?

Now go get a coffee with the cutie in marketing. You've earned it. ;-)

Unknown said...

Excellent. It's so fun to be recognized, isn't it???

Happy Employee said...

People listen to me 9 timezones away? That's awesome.
(and the cutie in marketing says hello)

True, it's fun being recognized. And it's also a great motivator for getting better and better.

Anonymous said...


I not only put it up myself, I did not even know there was an automatic way to do it! I do everything on my blog myself except when I gfet stuck technically.

Thanks for your great blog.

Bob Sutton
Author of The No Asshole Rule

Happy Employee said...

Bob, thank you for stopping by and for the kind words!