27 March 2008

Study: Salary Satisfaction Of Swiss Employees

A new study analyzes the salary satisfaction of Swiss employees.

The University of Zurich and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology published their annual "HR Barometer" study on 26 March 2008, focusing this year on the salary satisfaction (press release in German and French).

Salary Satisfaction
According to the study, 49% of all employees are happy with their salary.

The Swiss Federation of Trade Unions reacted at once claiming that more than half of all employees are not satisfied with their remuneration. They just forgot to mention that only 13% specifically said that they were unhappy while 38% answered with the equivalent of "neither nor".

More Important Than Money
  • flexible work
  • responsibility
  • possibility to take decisions
  • opportunity to contribute

Closely Connected To A High Salary Satisfaction

  • performance evaluations
  • personnel development measures
  • feeling that there's a balance between what the employee gives and receives

Additional Results

  • around 1/3 consider changing jobs (5% increase compared to previous year)
  • loyalty to company is decreasing, while employees expect more loyalty from their employer
  • hitting the up escalator becomes less important

Looks like Gen Y is already taking over ;-)

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