21 March 2008

Quotes: Recruiting And Employee Relations

Here are my two favorite HR quotes of the week.

Rowan Manahan at Fortify Your Oasis:
[..] there is a world of difference between the candidate who sounds good and the candidate who is good and sound ...
Wenchie at HR Wench:
I act with discretion by laughing only after employees have left the room.

I couldn't agree more with both statements!


Anonymous said...

I try to wait till I've hung up the phone before expressing my true feelings out loud.

It gets hard after the tenth person calls to see if we're hiring or if they can schedule an interview.
When did people forget that HR schedules interviews not the applicant?

HR Newbie

Happy Employee said...

Several colleagues from customer support told me that you can also press the "mute" button so you don't have to hang up first. However, I don't recommend this method unless you're confident that you fully master your phone ;-)

I also mentioned the "Vegas Rule For HR" in a previous post...