29 March 2008

Links: Topless, Cleavage And Prostitution

Links to three articles I enjoyed this week.

Topless Meetings
...as in "no laptops allowed".
“All of our meetings got a lot more productive,” he said.
(Topless Meeting For Team Focus?, 43 Folders)

Cleavage In The Workplace
...as in "cleavage in the workplace" (really).
cleavage IS power - and you must be aware of using your cleavage power responsibly!
Or to adapt from the Spider-Man mantra: With great cleavage comes great responsibility.
(The Power Of Cleavage, Karen Salmansohn in October 2007, through The Employment File)

93-Year-Old Man Flirting With Undercover Cop
Grandpa's trial is planned for April.
"All I was going to do was talk," he said Monday. "It wasn't for sex. I am 93, you know."
(My New Heroes, Marc Andreessen)

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