28 March 2008

The Happy Employee In Your Inbox

The Happy Employee's posts are now also available by email.

A friend of mine mentioned recently that she was - her words, not mine! - too blond to use blogs.

I remembered Frank Roche's recent post on KnowHR welcoming new email subscribers and installed the necessary plug-in, add-on, widget, gadget (whatever it's called nowadays...) on the THE blog.

I also think that the following snippet from a comment to Frank's post is quite interesting:
[..] if you’re not reading blogs as an HR professional, you’re missing the boat.
Of course, I don't want my blond friend to miss the boat!

So if you want to receive the THE's posts by email, enter your email address in the box on the right side, click the little grey button to confirm and check your inbox in about 30 seconds.

Oh, and this is also a great solution for Baby Boomers who think they are too old to use revolutionary technologies like blogs and for Gen Yer's who think that blogs are only for old people ;-)

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Unknown said...

I read this via Google RSS Reader!!