13 March 2008

Credit Suisse Employees Without Facebook, Nestle Employees Are Vaccinated

Shocking news: employees at Credit Suisse are cut off from Facebook!

The free daily Swiss newspaper (newsrag...) 20 Minutes reports (in French) that CS has made sure their employees can't access Facebook at work.

I think this is stupid.

If your employees have the freedom to check their personal email, update their Facebook profile, watch a clip on YouTube and read some blogs, then they will be much more willing to stay late at the office to finish an urgent project (or just stay late at the office).

If this sounds like exploitation of the workforce to you, then let me feel the heat of your righteous anger in the comments.

Back to the original article, I also liked the quote from Nestle's PR guy:
Nous engageons des collaborateurs adultes, responsables et vaccinés.
(We hire employees who are grown-up, responsible and vaccinated.)
Never underestimate the value of a healthy workforce ;-)


Anonymous said...

I think it's stupid too. It's an excuse for not managing performance.

Happy Employee said...

Managing performance is too complicated.
You need to set targets, follow up, measure results, give feedback, etc.
This also means that you need supervisors who are able and have time to manage people.

Much easier to restrict access to the Interwebs and make a list of the poeple who leave before 6 pm...

ROWE, baby ;-)

Anonymous said...

Assisting employees to achieve work life balance is a fallacy in the company especially in Asia countries.

Might as well make sure that the company gets max benefit from employees who are working overtime on tasks rather than wasting time on facebook/youtube