15 March 2008

Email Guerrilla Techniques (Only Apply If Really, Really Desperate)

Sometimes your workload can become just too much and you have no clue how to get the situation back under control. Desperate times call for... Guerrilla Techniques!

Just be careful if you really wish to apply them since your boss and co-workers might not be too happy about it.

Does this sound familiar? Your inbox contains more messages than there are stars in the sky. You read most of them, but can't remember if and what you're supposed to do.

Email Guerrilla Technique #1
  • Move all messages from your inbox to a folder called "TooMuch", "IGiveUp" or whatever makes you feel better.
  • Start over with a clean slate
  • Never go to this folder again unless you're looking for a specific message you know must be in there somewhere.
  • Trust me, you won't go to this folder nearly as often as you might think.
More Guerrilla Techniques soon.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I really wonder how many of my emails are in that folder...

An "almost" ex collegue of "The Happy Employee"