11 March 2008

Mid-Life Crisis Through The Generations

Some musings and random thoughts about mid-life crisis...

GI's / Veterans:
They're too old, they can't remember that far back.

Baby Boomers:
Panic. "My life is almost over, did I achieve anything?"

Gen X:
Mid-life crisis happens much earlier than for previous generations. "What do I really want? How can I achieve more? Is there a new time management book available on Amazon?"

Gen Y:
They don't care. They think they will live forever.

Disclaimer: if this post offended you, then you're probably not from my generation...


Rhea said...

I'm a baby boomer, and I think the baby boomer observation is correct. HELP!#$#@

Happy Employee said...

Coming from a specialist on everything Baby Boomer and Midlife Crisis, I take your comment as a big compliment!