19 March 2008

Blogging, Connecting Cyberspace With The Real World

Today I realized that blogging can be beneficial while interacting with human beings in the real world.

In between staring at my screen and replying to emails, I interacted with my HR colleagues, had a coffee in the break room (I couldn't avoid talking to a few "customers") and had lunch with a friend.

Looking back, I mentioned the following blog posts more or less directly:
And I mentioned this from Wenchie's newest post to a colleague:
I also didn't kill a hiring manager when he asked my boss (right in front of me) "why is the receptionist conducting interviews?" Office Assistant you a-hole....the title is Office Assistant!

Read HR blogs and you will have something to talk about. Even better: write an HR blog. You will be forced to do a minimum of research and you will have even more to talk about.

Okay, I'm just a geek, I know... but still.


Anonymous said...

I was talking about HR blogs with my former-former boss last night. I mentioned I have a blog. She said "OH no, please no...don't tell me any more!" I think she fears for my reputation...

HR Minion said...

I agree, that's why I started blogging as well.