21 November 2007

Link: Laurie's Marketing Statement

What do you do when you think of something again and again and you just can't get it out of your head?

According to GTD [1] you write it down. Once it's on paper, it should be out of your head.

Laurie Rüttimann posted her Personal Marketing Statement.

I read it, closed the browser and went to bed.

The next day I tried to get some work done (TTGSWD), but in the end read the whole post to my boss. She disappeared under her desk and all I could hear were hysterical giggles [2].

Later on, I emailed the link to my colleague abroad. The reply was:
remove "big-breasted" and use Laurie's statement on your CV.
(do they want to see me gone?)

All I'm trying to say is: read Laurie's Marketing Statement!

She's too cool and life's too short to miss this.

[1] GTD or Getting Things Done is a productivity system developed by David Allen. Some people say that it's worthless and spawned a cult-like following, many others love it and some even found ways to adapt it to geek's needs (see 43folders, Lifehacker.com). And since this blog is supposed to be also about productivity and lifehacks, here ya go! Follow the links ;-)
[2] This is just a test. If tomorrow my boss is pissed at me, this means that she's secretly reading my blog...


Unknown said...

Aw shucks, I might remove big-breasted and use it for myself!

Happy Employee said...

Now why would you do that? Really, why?

(I meant the "remove" part, not the "use it" part)