04 November 2007

Link: Carnival of HR

Carnival means party. Carnival of HR means... well, it's not like us HR freaks didn't know how to party... really...

Anyway, the other day I posted a link to the incredibly evil, oops... incredibly wonderful Evil HR Lady's post about Halloween and Terminations. But I forgot to mention that this article was part of the newest edition of the Carnival of HR hosted this time by the HRO Manager.

The beauty of the Carnival is that it features articles about many different topics written by people from various backgrounds with sometimes very different points of view. But at the end of the day, it's all about HR!

The articles I read so far:

Evil HR Lady: of course. See above.

Ask A Manager: How should new managers be trained?
You want to see a diploma when hiring a Systems Administrator, but who trains your managers? Lots of useful information.

Michael Wade: Dangerous beliefs
You know how to behave in a company and what to expect? Read this post. Even if you already know everything mentioned in this post, read it and enjoy. Sometimes it's good to be reminded and to think about what we thought we knew.

Deb Owen: How sensitive should HR be?
Sometimes it's our job to listen and be understanding, other times we must be able to say no. Deb also doesn't mind if somebody drops the "f*** bomb" (translation for non-US readers: "fuck bomb". The Yanks like to write in riddles, or in the case of MTV, in bleeps).

Actually, the HRO Manager's comments are much better than mine, so go check out his quick summaries here and then click the links for the original articles.

The other day somebody asked me:
"What do you want to do when you grow up?"

My answer:
"I want to participate in the Carnival of HR!"

I've been told before that my sense of humor is kinda strange ;-)


Anonymous said...

hi! thanks for the link! and just to be clear, this yank hates writing in mtv bleeps. often, i wish we could just be ourselves out there in the workplace here. sadly, if i said what i thought all the time, half my readers would leave and i'd get fired. hypocrisy. it's what we're made of. (ha!)

thanks again!
all the best!

Happy Employee said...

Hey Deb!

Thanks for the comment! I put 2 goals in my "personal annual targets": 1) Deb comments on my blog, 2) Wonderful HR Lady comments on my blog.

Like Bon Jovi said: We're half way there... living on a prayer".

You inspired me: see my newest post.

I really appreciate you commenting and most of all inspiring me!
Thanks a lot!