22 November 2007

Laurie's Challenge: Expressing Gratitude

Laurie, the great HR Punk Rock Lady, issued a challenge:
[..] If you’re going to express gratitude, this Thanksgiving, I’m challenging you to be honest. Tell me what you’re most thankful for and don’t lie to me.
How could I ever lie to Laurie...

Read her list (see link above), it's much funnier than mine will be (once I come up with something)...

The lovely HR Wench also accepted the challenge and posted her own list. She had plenty of time to come up with some cool stuff since everybody's celebrating Thanksgiving in the US and apparently nobody bothered her at work (if only we could have Thanksgiving in Switzerland, if only...).

But enough stalling, here's my "honestly, I'm grateful for these things. Really!" list:
  1. A few days ago, my ISP upgraded my upload rate from 40kbps to 70kbps.
  2. I don't take care of my lawn as well as a Swiss person should. And yet none of my neighbors ever complained.
  3. I can do grocery shopping online and they even feature my favorite Vodka brand.
  4. My boss fully supports the HR version of "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas".
  5. I have a wonderful family (my mom doesn't call every week, my dad shares his moonshine with me, and my brother always tells me what he thinks, especially when I'm wrong).
  6. The new season of BBC's Spooks is awesome.
  7. I recently started my own blog and many HR Bloggers have been very friendly and even supportive [1].
  8. My monthly US comics package has arrived. As soon as I manage to leave work early, I'll be able to pick up 59 new issues of comics goodness at the post office [2].
  9. Firefox: pretty much the best invention since sliced bread
  10. After almost 10 years in HR, I still don't take drugs, never had a nervous breakdown and haven't beaten up an employee (yet).
  11. I get along (surprisingly) well with my colleagues at Finance.
Okay, I didn't post 10 things, but that's just "Spinal Tap"-style [3].

[1] comments are welcome. Really! Please... Pretty please... Ah, come on, just leave a comment. Just something, anything... ;-)
[2] what are The Boys up to? How can Ellis make Black Summer and Doktor Sleepless even more crazy? What happens to Faith in Buffy Season 8? Captain America is still dead, but what are Bucky and Fury up to? Will Catwoman really leave everything behind to protect her daughter? Madame Mirage... looks a bit like Laurie?
Yeah, turn it up to 11, baby! And the bass player still has the coolest walruss moustache ever. Lemmy is getting pretty close, though...


Unknown said...

I *love* this list, especially the reference to Spinal Tap.

"Dozens of people spontaneously combust each year. It's just not really widely reported."

Happy Thanksgiving. I'll have some extra turkey for you. :)

Happy Employee said...

Laurie, I really appreciate you having some extra turkey for me. This made my day!

But since you are the one doing the dishes after Thanksgiving dinner, I wouldn't want your kittens to start hating me.

I'm in HR, so I'm used to sacrificing myself. Forget about me, don't eat any extra turkey, which would probably mean spending more time cleaning the dishes.

Instead, spend more time with your loved ones (I mean your cats, of course).