04 September 2008

The Interwebs Are A Village (Shameless Self-Promotion)

Now this is just too cool: While reviewing Dan Pink's book Johnny Bunko I mentioned the red stapler. Believe it or not, it seems that I was the first one to pick up on this Office Space reference and Dan mentioned it on his blog!

He also called me "a blogging HR Guru".
This man's got a great sense of humor ;-)

Be sure to check out Dan's blog!
And for the Obama fans, here's a post showing how the principles from the book apply to Obama.

Other things that are just too awesome not to mention here:
Now I really need to post a review of Why Work Sucks. And maybe, who knows, the two nice ladies might even mention it ;-)

This is my little trophy gallery so far.


HR Minion said...

I'm so uber jealous! He may have commented on my blog but to be mentioned on his? Sigh, that would be sweet.

Did I tell you that I'm going to get a chance to meet Rob Ten Pas when he comes to MN for MCAD's School Girls and Mobile Suits class? I'm so getting an autograph on my book.

Happy Employee said...

Looks like once again we're in a tie. Meeting Rob in person is pretty cool as well.

Oh wait, getting mentioned by Dan Pink is still cooler, so I stay ahead for now :-P

HR Minion said...

This is competition now? Who can out geek the other? You are so on!

Happy Employee said...

This has been a competition from the very beginning. Or didn't you notice?