09 September 2008

Less Cheese, More Meat!

Are there still people who pretend that the Interwebs aren't any good for generating and sharing ideas?

Mark's article at HC3 Take Control Of Your Job And Your Success reminded me of an idea I had for a t-shirt. I also mentioned his article as an inspiration for my post Give Them What They Want. Mark then shared in the comments one of the reasons why he's in charge of HR for a multinational corporation:
I jumped to doing all the things in HR most just dream about when I figured out "its not all about me"...I am with you on this one, less cheese, more meat!!! [..]
By the way, "It's not about you" is the 3rd career lesson in Dan Pink's book Johnny Bunko.

And as today's grand finale, here's a terrible picture of my great idea:



Anonymous said...

hahah.. that's good :)

gvainfo said...

Should it not be "whining"?

And - stop whining. I mean, that's sort of not good. If you guys start to whimper, it must be really bad.

Happy Employee said...

Bah, did I ever tell you the joke about the HR guy who tried to be funny and the programmer who ruined it by over-analyzing everything?


gvainfo said...

being funny requires extreme accuracy, precision and preparation! No fun can be made without proper planning, resource alignment, toll gates, status reviews and a steering ccoommiittee!
And besides, fun and the internet don't go together. Stop it!

Happy Employee said...

Wait, but I fulfilled all the requirements. Okay, maybe I should have focused a bit more on the toll gates, but otherwise I did everything you mentioned!
Can I at least get a little smile?

gvainfo said...

You insist. Grin.