31 August 2008

Johnny Bunko Trailer

I recently reviewed Daniel Pink's Johnny Bunko. Here's some fun bonus stuff.

HR Minion reminded me that she had been faster (and Dan Pink even left a comment). Same as with our Wanted movie reviews: hers was published 3 weeks before mine.

However, and I think this is important, I managed to mention the red stapler in both reviews ;-)

Below the infotaining Johnny Bunko trailer.

And this part still cracks me up every time I watch it:
In the 70's and 80's people asked: What color is your parachute?
In the 90's people asked: Who moved my cheese?
Now a new generation is asking a new question about their work and their lives:



HR Minion said...

The red stapler reference makes a difference! :)

Anonymous said...

In dealing with all generations, we have LOTS of employees asking WTF? It's epidemic. ;)

Happy Employee said...

Lets not do a contest of who can mention the red stapler in more posts, okay?

But nobody says it as often as me ;-)

Anonymous said...

You're brilliant. Nobody else has picked up on the red stapler. Congrats!
Dan Pink

Anonymous said...

Have I ever told you Bunko means rude in Hungarian?

Rachel - former HR blogger said...

I don't think I've ever seen a video ad for a book. Am I out of date?

Happy Employee said...

Thanks a lot! I'm not really an HR Guru (yet), but it's very nice of you ;-)

Magyar is such a cool language!

You've seen it now, so there's still hope for you!