17 August 2008

Tech Tip: Simple Org Charts In Google Docs

Google Docs & Spreadsheets lets you create simple org charts in a matter of minutes.

I wouldn't use this in a presentation for the board of directors, but it can be useful if you need to visualize something on the spot.

I did this simple and mostly fictional org chart in less than 3 minutes. Hopefully my friends at HR Bloggers won't mind...

How to do it
  1. create a new Google Spreadsheet
  2. add 2 columns: first for employees, second for managers
  3. select the data you want to use
  4. click "insert", "gadget"
  5. click "diagrams", "organization chart", then "add to spreadsheet"
  6. insert a title and click "apply and close"
...et voilĂ !

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