15 August 2008

New Job: Maybe Your Manager Is Nervous Too?

So you arrived a bit early for your first day at the new job and are walking around the block like I recommended. What is going on in your head?

Maybe accepting this job was a huge mistake? Or you just realized that you were creating a "what could go wrong" list in your head (you just finished reason number 37). What if you just went home and hid under the bed? Would anyone notice?

Relax, if this happens it only shows that you're still human. Which is a good thing, really!

Did you actually consider that your new boss might be nervous as well?
Maybe he's pacing in his office right now having thoughts like:
  • Did I hire the right person? If not, will I find out before the end of the probation period?
  • Did I do a good job at explaining the position during the interview or will he leave before lunch?
  • Should I have talked more about the downsides? After all, it can get pretty chaotic around here.
  • Why didn't I ask IT to confirm that the email address is set up and the laptop is ready?
  • And, believe it or not, many managers worry about: Will he like me and think that I'm a good boss?
Oh, and what if they just forgot that today is your first day at the new job?
Nah, these things only happen in movies...

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