10 August 2008

HR Hater Not Too Hateful After All

Sasha at cccritique critiqued posts by Wenchie and Laurie while displaying a generally anti-HR attitude. Well, so what's new?

My HR colleagues didn't start an embarrassing flame war and Sasha joined in the discussion. The fact that both parties were open to dialogue made it not as entertaining as it could have been, but all the more interesting.

And he promised to post job ads he wants to use, so I'm looking forward to The Critique being critiqued by HR people. Lets see how the feedback pros give constructive criticism.

Oh yeah, and Sasha got lots of comments. Lots and lots. I'm jealous.

And now comments, please ;-)


Anonymous said...

Here's an idea...ccritique is a Google PR Rank 0, as in nothing. That isn't interesting, it's linkbaiting. It's dishonest.

ccritique will be gone in a blink.

HR Minion said...

Rabble, Rabble, Rabble!!!

Angry Mob Noises!!!

Yo, you just ignorant!!!

Huh, maybe I should have done that in all caps with bad spelling. Feel better? :)

Happy Employee said...

I don't think we should take this too seriously. But the discussions were interesting and the guy seemed quite open-minded after all. Lets see how long it lasts.

And thank you for your comment. I don't want to make a fool of myself, but I feel honored. Big fan...

Yeah, all caps and bad spelling would have been even better.
But I do feel better ;-)