16 August 2008

HR Challenge: Compliments To Annoying People [update]

The newest HR Challenge is still up at JT's. What are you waiting for? Go post your reply so you can stop worrying about the scary gun from the future.

Brazen Careerist mentioned our challenge (see the "In The News" section).

Replies so far (see JT's comment section for the replies):
And a former coworker left a comment, but refused to make me a compliment. Thanks ;-)

But wait, it seems that one very important contribution is still missing... yours!


Anonymous said...

commenting here vs. the other post on purpose. I love the challenge and I have no problem giving a real compliment to someone who annoys me. The problem I have is that by giving them the compliment via the blog it publicly highlights that I find the person annoying and that gets very close to violating our corp blog policy. So I plan to follow through on this challenge privately and without credit. And isn't that the real point anyway?

Happy Employee said...

I'm aware that this challenge can be a bit tricky. If you give too much information, ,the other persons anonymity might be gone.

Of course, I think that everybody should participate ;-)
But if you decide to contribute a compliment, feel free to do so in any way that you're comfortable about.