17 September 2008

Are You Like The Pizza Guy?

The pizza delivery guy really impressed me. I met him the other day in the elevator and immediately commented on his huge delivery bag.

"It's for family pizzas," he explained. I grunted something to indicate that I understood.

"They're really convenient." And without missing a beat, he added "The prize is very good, and they even come with a free drink."

That's when we reached the ground floor. If he had handed me a 4-color leaflet with a list of available toppings and a big fat phone number printed on top, I would have asked for his CV and given it to the sales director first thing the next morning. Okay, we don't have a sales director, but you get my drift.

Afterwards I wondered how our employees respond when asked where they work. Do they just mention the name of their employer or do they add two or three positive things about our company or products?


Anonymous said...

Very good point of view!
Ppl loves complaining all the time about their workplace.Very few of them are engaged.

Unknown said...

I was thinking, not only is it valuable to have the employee sharing positive things about their employer as a way to drum up business, it also says a lot about the mental attitude of that worker and how happy he must be to want to share information like that so effortlessly. Makes you think of how we can get all employees to have this kind of positive thinking.

Cool post!

Anonymous said...

I am agree with you,and your point of view is very good.