19 February 2009

HR Communication, 24-style

Frank Roche at KnowHR often mentions that HR communication should be surprising. Episode 3 of the new 24 season (it's already the 7th) is a great example of how to surprise your audience.

Granted, episodes 1 and 2 were nice, although not earth shattering. But the third episode was just packed with goodies and surprises.

(HR) communication at its best!

Plenty of unexpected turns, awesome reveals, old friends showing up out of nowhere, fun tech hacks, etc.

But then again, if you're working in HR, you certainly don't have two trial runs because by the time you fire off your gem to "group: all staff", nobody will be reading your messages.

My recommendation:
Safely store drafts one and two in the Recycle Bin or feed them to your hungry shredder (you might know the saying: a shredder is a HR Pro's best friend...) and only publish the glorious version 3 of your communication!


Anonymous said...

24 is a really great example of surprising people. I love that show...really great examples here. I like the link between current culture and lessons...thanks for that!

Kye Swenson said...

What about having the 24 dvd as a prize and incentive for employees to surpass their next quota or workload? Spicing up employee gifts has always worked in my company!

-Kye, employee-rewards-incentives.blogspot.com/

Unknown said...

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