08 February 2009

ARSE Used Over 180'000 Times

The ARSE (Asshole Rating Self-Exam), based on Bob Sutton's book "The No Asshole Rule" was used more than 180'000 times.

Don't be an ass, go do the ARSE now.
It only takes 5 minutes. If you did it before, find out if your score changed.

Today my score was 3 (0 to 5 points: "you don't sound like a certified asshole, unless you are fooling yourself"). In March 2008 my score was 4. I had just quit a job that I loved very much but I badly needed a change. In December 2007 I scored 5 ("borderline certified asshole") and was looking for a new job.

Conclusion: The ARSE may not be scientifically valid, but it's certainly interesting.


gvainfo said...

You know I don't make compliments and would rather use the opportunity to push you even further down the pipe but..I think your self-rating was crap. I believe a "three" but anything else (in both ways, to make this not too friendly) is not true.

Happy Employee said...

Were you coding while writing this? But if I decipher it correctly the CheckSum adds up to a compliment ;-)

And knowing that you do actually make compliments sometimes, although never lightly, well, I might not be as nice as you always thought, but thanks a lot. Much appreciated!

Happy Employee said...

Oh yes, and whoever reads this comment, do check out gvainfo. Even if you ignore the texts about living in France and misc legal stuff (some of it in German), the pictures are incredibly beautiful!