31 October 2007

Link: Halloween and Terminations

The wonderfully evil, wonderful Evil HR Lady posted a great article about how HR can support managers who need to terminate somebody.

Trick Or Treat Training (Or How to Train for Terminations)

She starts by describing how she trained her 4-year old daughter for trick or treating and then adapts the learnings to terminations.

For HR professionals, I also recommend to have a quick chat with the manager just before the termination meeting and to check up on him afterwards. Being fired can be traumatic, but having to terminate somebody isn't exactly a walk in the park either.

After all, one of the reasons why HR people are so highly paid (uh, what?) is because we sometimes have to share the emotional burdens of others.

But who shares our pain? Well, this could be a topic for another post. How does "The Bottle: an HR professionals best friend" sound for a title?

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