18 October 2007

Don't wait until it's too late

Sometimes I have a great idea. So I write it down because my brain is like a Swiss cheese, full of holes.

A good wine needs time to mature

If it's a really great idea, I'll think about it for some time. Sooner or later I'll want to write it down and make it available for others to read. But is it good enough yet? Better not rush, let the idea grow and mature slowly. Good things come to those who wait. Good wine and all that.

Don't let life pass you by

Let a good wine mature for too long and one day it will taste like vinegar. I admit that I'm no wine expert, so I might be wrong about the good wine maturing for too long. So lets go with another analogy. If you wait in front of a train for too long, the doors will close and the train will leave without you.

Grab life by the horns

Paraphrasing a former boss: when you have too many things to do, don't think it through to the nth dimension. Make a quick decision and go for it. In case you were wrong (which is usually the exception) you can still correct it later. Just don't waste time instead of getting things done.

Good enough is good enough

Sometimes it's the obvious things that are the most helpful. Six words in a Dan Kennedy book [1] really opened my eyes:
Often, good enough is good enough.
Or to use a few lines from "The Zen of Todoist" [2]:
The longest journey starts with the first step.

Celebrate any progress.
Don't wait to get perfect.
What I learned today

I've been thinking about several articles I could write. But now I decided to just start writing about how I approach the process of writing. Results: my 2nd blog entry is almost ready and I had fun. Of course it won't make Digg's most popular, but did I mention that I had fun?

Sometimes it's about results - sometimes having fun is the result

The end. For now.

[1] Kennedy Dan, No B.S. Time Management For Entrepreneurs
[2] Todoist, an awesome, fully intuitive online ToDo List (click About Todoist)

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