18 October 2007

The Happy Employee: because it sounds cool

This is one of the reasons I chose "The Happy Employee" as the title of this blog. It's catchy, it has to do with HR and it mentions a feeling, which hopefully makes me look more human (it may often not be obvious, but this is a secret desire of many HR professionals).

Fact or wishful thinking?

Although it's my job to represent my employer, I'm also an employee at the same time. I'm a happy person and most of the time a happy employee (except when Pinocchio completes an employee satisfaction survey). So "The Happy Employee" is both a description of myself and the expression of my longing for more of this enjoyable feeling. Happiness is like Haribo's Gold-Bears [1], eat one and you'll want more of the stuff.

An agenda

This blog's name automatically opens a can full of questions like: Are you a happy employee? Really? What makes an employee happy? Lots of money, a manager who loves you, free lunches [2] ? What can a company do to make their employees happy? Are happy employees really something a company should strive for?

And my personal favorite: Should we try to achieve perfect bliss or is it more important to learn and grow? Don't we usually achieve the latter during tough and often unhappy times?


I love acronyms. All the better if they're silly. GNU stands for Gnu's Not Unix [3]. THE stands for The Happy Employee.

Maybe I should start referring to this blog as "the THE blog".

[1] Kids and grown-ups love it so, the happy world of Haribo.
[2] There's no such thing as a free lunch (TINSTAAFL). Except at Google (see no. 10)
[2] GNU is a Unix-like operating system which is free as in freedom (not as in beer)

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