14 February 2009

HR Wench And Boobs

Did you read the title of this post? Really?

I'm having fun right now and it might not be healthy in a long-term kind of way. When Jenn reads this post, she will either hate me forever and a day or uncontrollably roll on the floor and - between spasms of giggles - shout "what an idiot, I'm laughing so hard every fiber in my body hurts when I even try to breathe. I will never ever again eat Swiss chocolate!"

Okay, now that I wrote this flamboyant introduction, it's actually not half as wild as you might have expected.

I went to my RSS reader, checked out Wenchie's new post about staying positive while looking for a job (it's a great post, you really should check it out), thought I might add some smart-ass comment so I opened a new tab to her blog page, read the existing comments, clicked on Kerry's link and read the boob post. It's a funny post. If you work in HR, you know that it might happen. And if you work in HR long enough, you know it will happen to you eventually.

Tip: google "career change now, and-I-mean-RIGHT-NOW!"

Oh phooey, I still need to post a smart-ass comment on Wenchie's blog...


Anonymous said...

I almost wet myself when I saw that title...and then I laughed. Thanks for the funny!

Happy Employee said...

When I hit the "publish" button I was actually worried. For half a second...

But I trusted your wonderful sense of humor ;-)

And I'm honored to count you among my remaining readers!

Anonymous said...

Why thank you! I wish I could tell you that that boob was the only one I've seen in the course of my HR career, but...well...nope.