03 May 2008

What Would You Buy?

I love money, but I'm in HR. And since I'm not willing to give up either my love or my calling, I need to find alternative ways to generate additional income ;-)

When thinking about starting a business, the first question is probably:
What could I sell to as many people as possible?
But I just read Seth Godin's post Self Promotion, so if and when I start selling something, I want to be able to say:
Here's something you'll enjoy, so I made it available to you.
Now my question to my valued readers:
What would you enjoy?
I've been thinking about coffee mugs, t-shirts and mouse pads with silly and/or witty phrases that have something to do with HR.
  • Would you buy this kind of stuff?
  • If yes, do you prefer text only or text combined with some nice/cute/funny/surprising picture?
  • Do you have any great ideas?
  • Do you want to license them? (see this post on Tim Ferriss' blog)
Don't hesitate to leave a comment or send me an email.

Come on, don't be shy, we're a small circle of friends here (around 40 Feedburner subscribers plus almost 300 unique visitors per week on the blog page).


Unknown said...

I'm fan of www.despair.com so I give them my money.

I like money and feeling good about myself, so I am lending money on www.prosper.com and receiving interest.

Unknown said...

Also, I read you through Google Reader. I'm not sure if your sitemeter accurately captures the RSS feeds (mine doesn't).

Rachel - former HR blogger said...

I've bought HR stuff off of cafepress before. You could do that if you can think of something that's HR funny.

Happy Employee said...

Maybe I should create 2 lines of products: regular (t-shirts, mugs) and deluxe (classy like the stuff on despair.com)?

Cafepress is what I had in mind. Only problem is that I'm a grumpy cynic, but if I sell something I want it to make people feel good ;-)

Anonymous said...

My guy and I have been kicking around the idea of making a desk set with legos and incorporating USB ports/hubs in the bottom of the pencil holder. We are in Geek city USA (Seattle to the rest of the world) so it might fly, but that of course means we must have time to devote to such an endeavor.

Since it sounds like you've picked your demographic to be HR/Biz professionals such as yourself (and I)... I'd actually like to really have a pair of scissors that have the words "Do Not Put In Other's Backs" engraved on the cutting end, since I often need that reminder (I work with temps a LOT). Or a pencil or pen that says, "Do not jam this in to your temple" might come in handy as well :)

Good luck!