06 February 2008

The Happy Employee still missing!

The Happy Employee, a little-known blogger, has been missing since the end of December 2007.

An unreliable source who pretends to be knowledgeable of the blogger scene and insisted on remaining anonymous had the following to say:
The Happy Employee left on a 2 week vacation a few days before Christmas. During the first week he published a few posts which were mostly quotes. This, by the way, is a cheap way to increase the post count. Serious bloggers don't use this kind of disgusting tricks.
HR Wench, a successful and well-respected HR blogger, didn't say that
No posts for over a month! He probably thinks that he's safe hiding in Europe. But if he doesn't reappear very soon I'll have to go over there. And I'll swim if I have to!
Mr. Jaded Johnny, who describes himself as a life-long friend and close confidante to the Happy Employee, made the following statement:
The lazy bastard told me that he enjoyed his 2 week vacation very much but that he's been very busy since the beginning of the year. What a loser. If he doesn't let me post something on his blog very soon, I'll start disclosing some juicy details about his past. And this would definitely break his mother's heart!
Of course, we will keep a close eye on this story and immediately inform our readers of any further developments.

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Anonymous said...

If "successful" means "bored at work" and "well-respected" means "spiteful" I think you've got it about right...