24 February 2008

Book: Stupid White Men (Why Paying Fair Salaries Makes Sense)

In his book Stupid White Men Michael Moore, the far-left extremist who wants to destroy America, gives advice on how employers can get the most out of their employees ("larger profits, a more productive workforce, and no labor problems").

Here's his progressive-revolutionary program:

Make sure the amount you pay your employees is enough for them to own their own home, have reliable transportation, take a vacation, and send their kids to college.
His theory is that employees who earn enough to make a decent living won't have to worry about paying the rent and feeding their kids but will instead be able to fully focus on their job.

Although this approach sounds a bit extreme it might still be worth a try. But still, what a capitalistic sell-out this Moore guy is...


Anonymous said...

Duck and cover...incoming!

Happy Employee said...

uh... what? Did I mention ducks?

I guess I'd better take cover ;-)