18 December 2007

The Morning After (The Office Party)

Office parties have been a hot topic these last days. Here's my morning-after-advice.

You made a fool of yourself at the office party and feel embarrassed, maybe even guilty. Now what to do?

First of all, don't come to me.
If nobody complained to HR (me), then I don't want to hear about it.

If you feel that you should apologize to somebody, then do it.
But don't do it in public. Otherwise you might further embarrass yourself if there was nothing to apologize about in the first place. And if you actually did behave in an inappropriate way, the other person certainly doesn't want to be reminded of it in front of everybody else.

If you think that other people talk behind your back, take it like a man (or woman).
Perfect people only do perfect things. The rest of us learn from our mistakes and live with the consequences.

Like I said, don't come to me.
If you crossed an important line then I don't have time to talk to you since I'm preparing your termination. In this case you'll hear from me as soon as I'm done.

And if it was only something really funny or stupid, then I probably already heard about it, closed my office door and laughed my ass off.

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