20 December 2007

Challenge: Asshole Rating Self-Exam (ARSE)

In my last post about Robert Sutton's book "The No Asshole Rule" I challenged all HR Professionals to do the ARSE and report their personal score in the comments.

Congratulations to all the courageous ones who disclosed their scores! Here's an update
  • 7 people participated with an average score of 5.43
  • no Certified Assholes participated
  • Laurie came up with the (not yet) scientific term AQ (Asshole Quotient)
I've published some statistics here.

Both in the book and in the online ARSE, the test consists of a total of 24 questions to the following topics:
  • What are your gut reactions to people (8 questions)
  • How do you treat other people? (10 questions)
  • How do people react to you? (6 questions)
All "true" statements are counted which leads to the following possible results:
  • 0-5 true: you're not a certificed asshole (if you answered honestly)
  • 5-15: borderline certificied asshole
  • 15 or more: full-blown certified asshole
To make my little statistics project possible I tweaked the categories to 0-5, 6-15 and 16-24.

The challenge is still open! Don't be afraid and don't be shy!

1 comment:

Rachel - former HR blogger said...

I got a 10. I'll have to wait until I have a higher place with the company to go all out :)