23 July 2008

ROWE: Some Like It, Others Not So Much

My friendly little duel with Our HR Guy Lance prompted some reactions.

Laurie, ever the ray of sunshine, is simply bored with ROWE and doesn't like the acronym. But she enjoys our back and forth.

Comments to Lance's post had links to some interesting articles:
  • Scott Semple at Semplicity thinks that the book sucks. He's actually completely trashing both the book and Cali & Jody, but what he says is definitely worth thinking about.
  • Mark Stelzner at Inflexion Point posted one article about ROWE in April 2007 and one about Alternative Work Schedules mentioning ROWE last May.
ROWE is new, controversial and crazy. So it's only natural that people react strongly to it. ROWE will be dead the day we stop talking about it, so keep on talking!


Scott said...

I agree that I am quite critical of the ROWE book and their scrambling business model. But I must object to the description that I am "completely trashing" the idea and its creators.

That phrase suggests that my criticisms are unjustified, but I think that all of my points are valid.


Happy Employee said...

Scott, I'm sorry if I used the wrong words, but I think saying "quite critical" is an understatement ;-)

After all, you were very hard on the book, Cali & Jody and their business model.

Can we just say that you completely trashed the book and the business model, gave Cali & Jody tough love but think the ROWE idea is great?