22 July 2008

YourHRGuy.com: Why HR Won't Support ROWE

Lance Haun at YourHRGuy.com wrote in reply to my recent post where I complained that HR Bloggers were ignoring the new ROWE book.

He explains why ROWE probably won't be supported by HR Professionals and explains at the same time why ROWE makes sense.

I'm wondering...
...if my dream comes true and ROWE becomes a huge success, will it happen thanks to open-minded and forward-thinking (non-HR) managers?
...and will HR be left behind because we missed the train... again?

Now go read Lance's post if you know what's good for you ;-)


Lance said...

Well, even if HR supported ROWE, they would need the support of a major portion of the rest of the management team. I would like to believe HR and the rest of management could wake up to it but I don't think people can even do performance reviews based on mostly results.


Unknown said...

Happy Employee and YourHRGuy,

We're watching this with great interest. As former HR professionals who jumped out of the mold to create ROWE and write the book to spark ROWE interest in the masses,we know ther's promise. It will take a few HR folks that really see what ROWE can do for the business, engagement, retention, and productivity to stand up and shout it from the rooftops. Both of you are playing a role in that - so keep it up!

Lance - ROWE will force people to be able to do performance reviews based on results. We've seen it happen...when you take away the crutch of being able to monitor the hallways and you only have results to look at, it happens.

Cali & Jody

Happy Employee said...

Cali, thanks for stopping by!

I think we have many great discussions ahead of us. And it seems that the most critical people have the most interesting things to say.